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In the halls (Alice and Dorcas)


Dorcas was walking down the halls to Transfiguration, yawning. She had stayed up late last night at that party, which had ended with Amos and Lily in a shouting match. Dorcas had mentally punished herself over and over for being stupid enough to drink that Firewhisky. Lost in thought, she was startled when she suddenly bumped into somebody.

“Oof! Sorry!” She looked at the person. “Oh, hi, Alice! Long time, no see. How are you, mate?”

Alice had just finished spending her entire night last night helping Professor Binns with various odd-jobs. She was trying to get on everyone’s good side. Besides, she just had to offer to help when she saw his office was in turmoil.
She hadn’t seen her friends in a while. Walking through the corridors very drowsily, she was certain she heard the passers-by mention ‘party’ and ‘Amos’ and ‘Firewhisky’. Another party last night probably she thought. Is that all 7th years actually do? she couldn’t help but think. Thoughts clouding her head, she bumped into someone.
"Dor!" she greeted with glee. "It’s been a while. I’m great, just tired. How about you? Where have you been? Have you seen Frank? Was there an another party last night?" she darted her best friend Dorcas with a surge of questions.

((yes, we’d just decided on that in chatzy xD (since I think you missed it?) What happened on chatzy was mostly just an ooc convo, where we sort of got to know each other better :p feel free to just ask us to get filled in though!))

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“How silly do we look Frank?” 

Dorcas Meadowes and Alice Anderson, taken by Frank Longbottom on one of the many occasions the three hang out together.

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